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The Playroom Party:

The Playroom is a beautiful space designed to spark the imaginations of children of all ages. The Playroom Party Package grants you and your guests access to the playroom during usual opening hours. A beautiful table is prepared, with decorations and balloons, with Luus Muus Catering in the cafe for your celebration. 


Studio Party:

Families wishing to celebrate in a Private Space, or provide animation such as a "soccer party", are about to book the Studio. Catering is provided in the Studio on a beautifully decorated table.  


Private Playroom Party:

Private Parties in the Playroom are available on Saturday and Sundays between 2 - 6pm.  Catering is displayed on beautifully decorated tables and the Playroom is enjoyed by your guests exclusively. 


Party Bags:

Treat your guests to a Party Bag at the end of your celebration. Filled with creative delights, these treat bags are the perfect way to send the magic of Luus Muus home with each guest. 


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Children love a small bag of treats at the end of the fabulous celebration. Treat your guests to Party Bag that will spark their imagination in the magial Luus Muus way!
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Luus Muus Cafe provides a beautifully decorated table and a wide variety of catering options. All food can be vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free upon request.