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As a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher. At the Loose Moose Cafe we have created a unique way to embrace this time, while spoiling yourself.

The materials and learning engagements available at the Loose Moose Cafe are purposefully selected and presented in a way which invites children to explore them. There are opportunities for construction and exploratory play in rotation - keeping each visit to Loose Moose unique and exciting! Interacting with your child during this time communicates valuable lessons regarding the importance of play and exploration alongside relaxation and socializing. Through this shared time, you show your child that you are interested and care about their learning and growing independence.

To spoil yourself while your child is exploring independently or playing with a friend, we have tea, coffee and tasty delights! Embrace the opportunity to relax, knowing that your child is in a safe and learning-rich environment.