The Beginning of an Adventure

First we were friends. Then we became colleagues, teaching Kindergarten alongside each other. Along the way we welcomed four gorgeous girls between us - adding motherhood to the adventures we are sharing. And now, together we are sharing our love for childhood, learning, and exploring with you. From the little moments, to the big events - Here's how we manage to balance happiness, play, children, family and everything else life throws at us. 

We are delighted to be opening the doors of our very own Pre-School. We will share with you what we do, and why we do it. We will share with you the wonders of learning we discover and encourage. We will share with you our passion: empowering play in early childhood. 

So to start, let us introduce ourselves.


Jenni Miller

Hi, I’m Jenni, wife to Philip and mother to two little girls, Josie and Suki. I was not yet a mum when I worked as an Early Years teacher at an international school in Zurich but the role was in many ways like a looking glass, allowing me a glimpse of what family life was like. Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always imagined myself as a mother and I could not wait for the next phase of my life. 

My two daughters arrived in 2014 and 2016 and I seized the opportunity to take the time to be at home with them. Parent- participation playgroups provided structure to my week. I loved heading out in the mornings to watch my children interact with others, to enjoy adult conversation and to share honest stories of motherhood with friends – sharing the beauty, the struggles and the magic of day to day life with young children.

As my daughters grew, I saw their needs change and I started to search for a place that was built on similar principles to those I had taught to. I’ve always been interested in human development both physically and mentally and have a degree in physiotherapy and an additional qualification in Special Educational Needs. I was seeking a beautifully designed space, in which the internal layout changed with the children’s questions and growing understandings and where structured physical movement could be supported. I have a thorough understanding of how specific skills can be facilitated through carefully planned environments and activities and was searching for a place that emphasized these skills.

My daughters have dual nationality, Swiss and British, and I longed for them to be part of a bilingual community – a place where two languages were used interchangeably and exposed, yet had strong Swiss roots. Luus Muus managed to create the perfect physical space and the mastermind behind it all happened to be Nadia, a close friend and fellow teacher. It is our mission to create a playgroup based on the educational principles we taught, giving the children control over their learning through play and creating a respectful community designed around what we would want for our own children.


Nadia Mills

There is nothing of greater importance then the first years of childhood. It is the foundation for all the greatness that our children grow to be. It is where they learn their importance, their value and their talent.

Having studied Developmental Psychology and Elementary Education at University in America, my desire to create the best learning environments brought me back across the ocean to Switzerland where I began teaching at the Inter-Community School in Zumikon. Seven years of teaching kindergarten provided me with experience in various learning methodologies and environments. My final years at ICS were spent developing a multiage daycare program. I delighted in watching the children of different ages engage in similar materials – learning from each other, regardless of their age. It is with this experience in mind that I designed the space at Loose Moose – a place for children of all ages to come, feel welcome, engaged and inspired.

My partner Andrew and I welcomed Leila and Kiara into the world in 2011 and 2014. As a Swiss-Canadian Family we decided to raise them in a bilingual household – speaking English and Swiss-German on a daily basis. Upon the arrival of my daughters, my passion for play based learning exploded. As I watched my daughters explore the world around them before they began their formal school years, I noticed that each experience contained great value. I watched as they developed confidence, independence and joy in exploring the world around them. I discovered how involved I was in expanding their imaginations and facilitating their explorations of all their curiosities.

As Jenni and I maneuvered our way through parenthood, we found that our knowledge of pedagogical strategies allowed us to create a fantastic world for our daughters – which we are delighted to share with you and your children. Together we have created an environment and curriculum that fosters creative, gross motor and language development. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Loose Moose.