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Elisa and Sam

Personal trainers, Face-to-face Exercise


Sport has been a way of life for me since childhood. At 11 I started to play football and basketball. I enjoyed training and reaching goals together with my friends. At 16 I focused on my apprenticeship in child care and had to neglect my hobbies somewhat. That was also the time I started to put on weight and stopped feeling contented within my own skin. That motivated me to delve into the topic of nutrition and fitness and I purchased books for at home with the goal to end these feelings of unease.
I started to train three times a week at home or at the park, jogged regularly and changed my diet completely. I trained exclusively using my own bodyweight and therefore made my first discoveries in the area of ‘functional fitness’. Early rewards began to show and I lost several of my excessive pounds. I started to feel good about myself again.
Successes and joy of training became a passion and I decided to change careers. I found an internship to become a qualified personal trainer, acquiring professional knowledge to share with others. During that time I explored different training and nutritional methods and was amazed at what can be achieved through a little discipline. My interest in functional training remained though it all. To activate whole groups of muscles though just one exercise instead of isolated training while sitting on a machine just made more sense to me. What’s more the training can take place any an everywhere, I am not tied down to one place. And so I began to refocus more and more on my old training methods.
Then I discovered TRX, which corresponded to my expectations and ideas of a successful and effective training session. The simplicity of the device, how quickly it is adjusted to one’s training level, and the proficiency one reaches in the shortest of time delights me all over again and again. I have learnt to love it and hate it at the same time because there seems to be no limit to the challenges it brings to your training.
In the fall of 2017 I completed my certification as TRX Group Trainer so I may share my enthusiasm for this device with others and assist them to reach their goals. It is my steady companion, whether at home or away, my ‘yellow-black loops’ are always with me.


My earliest experiences with fitness began pretty early. At 16, living with my parents, I discovered an old laundry room in our apartment block that one of the residents had converted into a fitness room. The room had been converted with some basic equipment, all machines DIY-built and welded. But it was more than enough for me to gather my first impressions of this field. From the very first moment I was hooked and knew that I wanted to base my future and career on it. 
Various fitness memberships and untold number of books later I decided to broaden my knowledge and 3 years later received my diploma as personal trainer and nutritionist, a profession I practice to this day with passion, sharing my knowledge with others.
My interest in functional training came a few years ago when I first stood beside these yellow/black loops that are called TRX. Truth be told hanging at home in my living room they did not make an overwhelming impression at first. But the more I dedicated myself to this device, the more enthusiastic I became about it. I spontaneously decided to take the TRX group trainer course in order to be able to share this ingenious device with others.
The human body is a phenomenon. It fascinates me how quickly our bodies get used to new training challenges and how it changes optically.
One problem of our times is that we sit way too much and move way too little. In prehistoric times man ran from predators. We walked for hours, hunting and gathering. The hunt was only successful if the hunters were fast and mobile. Survival was a matter of ‘athleticism’. That man has lost this evolutionary gift is because the natural predators are gone and the hunt is now reduced to the stroll into the supermarket.
Our surroundings are changing constantly to make our lives more comfortable. But the human body still functions like over 1000 years ago. We are programmed for a life of motion. Without motion our skeleton, muscles and inner organs cannot be supplied with necessary oxygen and nutrients. The body slowly withers. The result: we are more susceptible to diseases and recover more slowly from stresses. Normal every day movements are harder to execute because we are hardly ever outside our comfort zone. That’s exactly where the functional training starts. We are no longer sitting on the equipment at the fitness center where we isolate and train one muscle at a time. We are training whole groups of muscles and learn again to move just like our forbearers used to...