camilla rooney


I’m a native English-speaking yoga teacher from London, I moved to Zurich a few months ago as my partner began a job here. I began practicing yoga about 4 years ago, at a time in my life when I was often feeling anxious and unsettled. I discovered that yoga allowed me to find a sense of stillness and safety that I had  been struggling to find in my life. In this way, yoga became a type of medicine for me, and I consider it as a practice that can be tailored to act as a medicine for many different people- from kids to adults, inexperienced to pro.

I completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017, as I felt strongly called to develop my skills as a yogini and to have the tools to be able to offer this incredible medicine of yoga to the community.

My style of teaching is Vinyasa–based; which is a style of yoga in which you “flow” from one pose to the next, and I believe in adapting and modifying these poses for each of our unique bodies. I weave a grounding and nurturing approach into all of my classes, and incorporate additional components along
with this, that are specific to each class.

I have recently become particularly passionate about kids yoga. Although I don’t have kids myself, through teaching them I have witnessed the brilliant, beneficial effects of this practice in children. I strongly believe yoga can allow kids to better cope with the challenges that life may bring, as they grow up in an ever more demanding world.