flow & restore

Course schedule:




09:30  Flow & Restore



16:00 Kids “Fun & Games” Yoga



19:00 Juicy Vinyasa Flow



Flow & Restore

This class is open to all levels of yogis. “Flow & Restore” creates the time and space for you to turn inwards and consciously attend to yourselves, taking an
hour and a half away from the wheel of daily life, which can sometimes get a little crazy. The first half of the class is a nurturing, slow-paced, vinyasa flow, where we build a little heat. We use this heat to gently stretch, ground and settle in the second half of class, which incorporates a restorative style of yoga. This involves coming into poses that require minimal effort, in which we make sure your body is as comfortable as possible (lots of cosy blankets & bolsters). We stay in each of these poses for a while to allow the body-mind to fully sink into the pose. This class finishes with a long savasana, which; after the class, will be a delicious period of relaxation all to yourself, in your little bubble of bliss.

I incorporate music into this class as I find it adds to the sense of flow at the start, as well as facilitating sinking into releasing and recharging the body - mind in the second half.


Kids “Fun & Games” Yoga

This class is for children age 6 – 11, and focuses on introducing them to yoga. In these classes we bring awareness to our breath and begin to connect with it. We explore some of the yoga poses, which we build on each week. I make these poses fun and exciting for the kids- think dragon-style lunges and gorilla forward folds (sound effects are a must!). For the second half the class we have a “games” section. Although some may not term this strictly “yoga”, these are tonnes of fun and get children interacting with each other, creating a great sense of community and connection. These games also help children develop more of a sense of awareness for their body and mind (although this bit of medicine is disguised in all the fun!).


Juicy Vinyasa Flow

This class is open to all levels of yogis. We mainly practice vinyasa flow yoga in this class. We use the combination of flow and asana (yoga poses) to build
up heat in the body, and allow us to play a bit with more challenging poses. Modifications for poses are given throughout the class, to accommodate all levels of experience, as well as any injuries. This class always includes a slower section towards the end, where we focus on turning inwards; grounding the body and mind, whilst practising some less strenuous poses. We always finish with savasana, to allow the medicine of this juicy, flowing class to sink in.

I incorporate music into this class as I find it encourages the body and mind to sync into the sense of flow, and help motivate us in the more challenging poses. Towards the end, I use music to help ground the body-mind and settle in the slower, cool down section, and ultimately savasana.

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